Best Cheap Tanning Bed Bulbs Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a way to get that perfect skin tone without brown spots and blemishes? Then indoor tanning is one of the best solutions to your problem. Of course, you need a tanning bed to achieve that tan you’ve been dreaming of even if it’s not summer. When it comes to tanning beds, one of the most important things to consider is its tanning bed lamps. The best tanning lamps are also known as tanning tubes used by tanning devices to produce the ultraviolet light. Just as it has different names, its performance also varies depending on the style and brand you want. Check out some of the best tanning bed bulbs on the market below:

5 Top Tanning Bed Bulbs Reviews

#1. Wolff System Wolff Dark Tan II Tanning Bed Bulbs

Known as a reliable product from Germany, Wolff System has managed to reach the spotlight with their passion. Together with their dedication in utilizing the benefits of UV light, this model became one of the bestselling lamps. With a great promise to give you the tan skin you’ve always wanted, this tanning bed bulb is a tanning bed bulbs

Aside from having an enhanced UVB for faster tanning results, this tanning bed bulb is ideal for price-conscious users. This is due to the fact that it can give you a tan skin for just an affordable price. It is indeed a record breaker.

Features and Specifications:

  • Power packed and exclusively made for all kinds of customers without sacrificing its quality
  • Specially designed with improved UVB rays that are strong enough to finish your tanning sessions in less than 20 minutes
  • Perfect for experiencing a better face exposure to achieve a rich, dark, and sexy tan without exposing your skin on direct sunlight
  • Compatible with the top sunbeds like SunQuest Wolff, Sunstar, ESB, SunMaster, Sunsource, Solar Storm, Anytime Beds, etc.
  • Uses 100 watt FR71 reflector bulbs with a Bi-pin end fitting
  • 100% Made in Germany which exudes quality from end to end to last for 5 or more years


  • Available in a very affordable price
  • Compatible with different lamp brands
  • Power packed and made from high-quality materials
  • Perfect for enjoying shorter tanning sessions
  • Enhanced UVB for getting faster results


  • Not hot enough to achieve a tan skin within a short period
  • It is not compatible with tanning beds with higher wattage

#2. Wolff Dark Tan II F71 Bi Pin Tanning Lamp

Another product from Wolff System, this tanning bed bulb can perform with an economical power pack. Coming from a well-known brand in the industry, it is safe to say that this tanning bed bulb is worth it. It can produce a balanced UVA and UVB to give you the tan skin you want. This works better on skin than adding more UVB which results to reddening than tanning of the tanning bed bulb

Through extensive research and patience, this Wolff System bulb became more reliable and satisfactory. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best options when putting up a professional tanning salon.

Features and Specifications:

  • Uses F71, 100 watt tube lamps that weigh only a pound
  • Power packed and affordable enough to be availed by different kinds of customers
  • Perfect for achieving the bronze or tan skin those other tanning beds can’t in just a 12 to 15 minute tanning session
  • Built with improved UVB rays that can penetrate through your skin and trigger the production of melanin faster
  • Compatible replacement tanning bed bulb for various brands like Dark Tan, Golden Tan, Velocity, Sunmaster, Diamond Sun, and so much more
  • Rated with up to 800 hours lamp life to ensure you a fine tanning result


  • Very lightweight and budget-friendly for customers
  • Perfect economical upgrade replacement on different brands
  • Can last longer than other bulbs on the market
  • Compatible with a wide range of tanning beds


  • Its bulbs are not strong enough to make the skin tan
  • Only works best with sun beds that have the same wattage

#3. Wolff Velocity Extreme F71 Tanning Bed Bulbs

Compared with its sister bulbs from Wolff System, Velocity Extreme tanning lamp is designed with more advanced features. It has F71 100 wattage Bi Pin style, that’s easy to install and use thanks to its compact product guide. It comes in a pack with 24 brand new lamps that can last up to 1000 hours. This tanning bed lamp also features a stronger construction compared with Velocity Plus lamps.

Thus, it can last longer for years without requiring a replacement for large tanning beds. It increases the formation of melanin pigments and oxidation that results to a better tan skin.

Features and Specifications:

  • Uses an F71, 100 watt tanning bed bulb with Bi Pin style that weighs 1.75 pounds only
  • 10% stronger than other tanning lamps but economical caused by fewer change offs and purchases
  • Compatible to different tanning beds as upgrade replacements with an extra power
  • Designed to balance the increase of emitted UVA rays that help darken the pigment within a short time
  • Increases the UVA vitality and decreases the risks of redness on the skin called erythema to provide an even richer and darker tan
  • Rated with up 1000 hours lamp life that is proven and tested after a series of quality control tests


  • Performs with a longer lamp life than other models and brands
  • Provides a balanced amount of UVA and UVB when tanning
  • Results to faster tanning sessions and dark gorgeous tan skins


  • Its price is a little higher compared with other brands and models
  • Only works with compatible tanning beds with 100 wattage

#4. Wolff Bronzing Sun Plus F71 Bi Pin Tanning Lamp

Using a Bi Spin style, Bronzing Sun Plus is another high-quality tanning lamp made by Wolff System. With up to 1000 hours of lamp life, you can guarantee that it can last longer for commercial and residential use. It has a commercial quality which made a great upgrade or replacement for fast tanning bed lamps. One of the premium products by Wolff System that has a long-lasting full performance.

It can stimulate the melanin on the skin and help in the production of vitamin D. Its non-reflector tanning lamps are strong enough to finish the tanning process in less than 15 minutes.

Features and Specifications:

  • Uses 4 ¾ inches closed liner lock and Kizer cutlery aluminum liner lock
  • Works with different tanning lamp brands with a considerable amount of UVB and UVA
  • With green textured aluminum handles and lanyard slot
  • Bi Pin style that features 2 pins on its end instead of the usual RDC
  • Rated with up to 1000 hours lamp life that is 10% stronger than Bronzing Sun lamps from Wolff System that produces more tanning power
  • Performs faster within short tanning sessions that only take 10 to 12 minutes
  • Design with 3 1/3 inches stonewash finish and Zinc Diecast construction
  • Its S35VN stainless clip blade includes dual thumb studs


  • Compatible with commercial and residential tanning beds
  • Hassle-free to install with its Bi Pin style
  • Results to a darker and richer tan in just a few minutes
  • Designed to maximize your profits


  • It is more expensive than other brands and models
  • Not compatible with other tanning beds with lower or higher wattage

#5. Wolff Velocity Plus F71 Tanning Bed Bulbs

Velocity Plus tanning lamp from Wolff System is perfect for achieving a deep dark tan. Thanks to its blue phosphor, this tanning lamp can provide you with the exact level of tan you want. No need to spend more than 20 minutes to get that tan skin, just a few minutes will do using this lamp.

It can be used as a replacement for Bronzing Sun, Genesis GS 120W, Instantan 8.9, Desert Sun, Philips Advantage Max 100W, Hollywood Tans HT42, Bronzing Sun Plus, Bronzing Sun Plus, Instantan 6.9, Solar Rayz, Equator Sun, Sun Fusion, InterlectricSupersun Panther, and Cosmedico Hi Tan.

Features and Specifications:

  • A set with 24 brand new Wolff System Velocity Plus tanning lamps that use F71, 100 watt in Bi Pin style
  • Rated up to 1000 hours of service life that is perfect for commercial tanning beds on tanning salons
  • Increased compatibility to more tanning lamps under the label of Wolff which maximizes its advantages
  • 10% stronger than the standard Velocity tanning bed lamps
  • Offers shorter tanning sessions to achieve a golden bronze tan
  • Set to provide more UVB without sacrificing the benefits of UVA velocity in the process
  • Includes a free product guide in the package for a hassle-free replacement and installation


  • Made from high-quality materials to last a lifetime
  • One of the most economical options
  • Best-selling tanning bed lamps in the market
  • Compatible as replacement and upgrade lamps for different brands


  • Only works with tanning beds that feature an advanced timer

Important Things to Remember When buying Tanning Bed Bulbs

Shopping may seem easy as long as you know what you’re really buying. This means that knowing what to look for when buying the best tanning bed bulbs is very vital. After all, you will not find the best tanning bulbs without doing some research and a little hunting. Thus, here are the things to remember when buying tanning bulbs online or offline:

  • Determine the Size

First things first, tanning bed bulbs differ in size so be sure to check the size of your old ones. Moreover, most old models of tanning bed bulbs are no longer manufactured and stocked on shelves. Thus, the availability of the size you may be limited when it’s to replace it. The most common size that tanning bed bulbs have is F71 but other tanning beds use F73, F59, F72, etc. The F in “F73” stands for the bulbs’ nominal length though it is not exactly 73 inches. The tanning bed bulbs should be user-friendly and hassle-free to install with just a twist.

  • Set Your Priorities

Most tanning bulb models today use 100W while some of the older models use 160W. But depending on your needs, you can actually choose from a wide variety of tanning bed bulbs. There are people who need 16 or more F71 tanning bed lamps which can also work for you. Some manufacturers and shops offer kits that suit the needs of various users to when achieving a tan skin. Namely, there are regular lamp kits, leg tanning kits, face tanning kits, and arm/side/face kit. However, getting cheap tanning bed bulbs is not ideal if you want them to last for 5 years or more.

  • Clean Tanning Bed

Enjoy the benefits of using the tanning bed bulbs by cleaning your tanning bed. Clean each bulb inside the tanning bed to achieve the tan you want in record time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for the good tanning bed bulbs can be a little challenging job. Thus, we already prepared the FAQs below:

  • What is the difference between UVA and UVB?

Tanning uses 2 kinds of ultraviolet light to complete the process. The UVB breaks through the skin which causes skin reddening during the tanning process. UVB rays are shorter than UVA rays but, it can bring melanin to the surface to have a tan skin. Meanwhile, the UVA rays work as the UVB counterpart with longer rays that penetrate the skin deeper until the lower epidermis layers. Once it penetrates, the skin produces melanocytes which produce brown pigments or melanin to appear tan.

  • Are blue lamps hotter than pink lamps?

Some people may think that blue lamps are hotter than pink lamps or vice versa. However, the color does not really affect the tanning process whether it is color yellow, pink, green, etc. What matters most is the level of UV that the tanning bulbs can produce. Colors are only used to categorize and different lamps from each other.

  • Is it best to replace some of the tanning bed bulbs only and reserve others for later?

Though it is possible to change some of the lamps now and reserve others for later, it is not ideal. If you need to change the bulbs, you have to change the rest as well for best results. In case that your bulbs require to be changed by batch, do it by half using a set. For instance, divide your bulbs by 2 if you use 24 bulbs and change either those 12 on top or bottom.


Tanning is indeed one of the biggest trends in history since it was introduced in the 19th century. Over time, tanning machines were sold in different countries to help people achieve a tan skin indoors. However, always remember that indoor tanning will never be successful without the best tanning bed bulbs. No matter what tanning bed model you have, always take note the things to remember when buying tanning bulbs. Shopping for tanning bulbs without considering the exact items you really need will only waste your time and money. Always check its label and ultraviolet light beside from its quality when shopping online or offline.