How Dermalax Deep Plus Filler Eliminates Wrinkles

Dermalax deep plus with Lidocaine is an intradermal filler designed to eliminate deep wrinkles and improve the general condition of the skin. Dermalax deep plus is a sterile gel with a monophasic structure that contains stabilized hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml with a high reticulation rate.

The properties of this component make the product an efficient solution that helps to eliminate deep wrinkles in facial areas and correct the shape and volume of lips. This gel has a great density, which guarantees that the solution will be distributed to different areas in equal amounts.

The biggest advantage of the Dermalax deep plus lip filler is that it represents the advancements in the cosmetology industry that allows patients to forget about any type of surgery involvement for the sake of facial correction.

Thus, if one wants to take a rejuvenating procedure, there’s no need in taking up anti-aging treatments that might be potentially harmful to the skin and general well-being. With the Dermalax deep plus filler, aging processes can be mitigated with the help of basic injections.

One more great merit of the Dermalax deep plus filler is that this product is based on completely natural and non-toxic components. Thus, their proper use isn’t supposed to lead to any harmful effects even in the long run, if the treatment is carried out and controlled by a qualified cosmetologist.

Dermalax deep plus is a product developed and manufactured by a South Korean pharmaceutical company called SHISEIDO. It has been on the cosmetology market since 2014, and it was the time when Dermalax was tested by multiple specialists.

The tests showed that Dermalax isn’t just one of the most efficient contouring solutions, but also one of the safest ones. What’s more, thanks to the properties of the product that provide positive effects to the skin without absorption of the solution, Dermalax is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Why the contents of Dermalax Deep Plus is such a big advantage and how it improves the efficiency of the product


As already mentioned, Dermalax deep plus, similar to the vast majority of popular fillers, is based on hyaluronic acid 24 mg/ml, which is produced as a result of the biological synthesis from non-pathogenic streptococcus bacteria.

Also, in the Dermalax Deep Plus filler, the effect of the hyaluronic acid is stabilized by the less-toxic reticulating agent BDDE – butanediol diglycidyl ether. The major purpose of this component is to create a special structure that will boost the density of hyaluronic acid, meaning the HA molecules become more solid and resistant to the impact of free radicals.

Moreover, such a density allows the gel to remain in the tissues for quite a prolonged period of time lasting from 6 up to 12 months.

The treatment with this filler is completely safe for one’s body since hyaluronic acid is a natural component contained in nervous and epithelial tissues. The aging processes are facilitated because of the deficiency of this component. As a result, the effects become visible on the skin in the form of wrinkles and lost volume.

As you might already know, hyaluronic-based products provide not only visual effects. Similar to other HA-based fillers, Dermalax deep plus improves the skin hydration process and activates skin regeneration and rejuvenation processes by facilitating the process of elastin and collagen production. This makes the face look much fresher and younger than it would look with the HA deficiency.

Lidocaine 0.03% is also quite an important component of the Dermalax Deep Plus fillers. It’s considered one of the most frequently used local anesthetics. Thanks to its presence in this solution, the procedure of treatment itself becomes more effective and pleasant to a patient, since it excludes all potentially painful feelings caused by an injection.

Key Benefits of Dermalax Deep Plus as an anti-aging solution

  • Dermalax Deep Plus contains cross-linked fibers. This highly effective feature helps to ensure that the product’s effect will be long-lasting. On average, a single treatment might show visible results for up to a year.
  • Dermalax Deep Plus is a facial filler that not only increases the volume but also moisturizes the skin. If the skin isn’t dry, it looks healthier and more attractive.
  • It is a non-migratory mesotherapy product, which means it remains and works primarily on the injection area without migrating to other skin tissues.
  • The injection isn’t painless and doesn’t cause any visible physical damage. This is because of the presence of lidocaine which reduces aching and prevents swelling.
  • It helps improve skin, facial appearance, and volume by removing deep folds and wrinkles. It can also be applied to increase the volume of lips and make them look more visually attractive.

How the Dermalax Deep Plus lip and skin filler based on hyaluronic acid with Lidocaine is applied


The major purpose of the Dermalax deep plus lip and skin filler is to visually rejuvenate the skin and solve aesthetic issues without taking up surgery methods. Dermalax deep plus filler features all the properties to execute the following functions:

  • eliminate medium and deep wrinkles in different facial areas (nose, lips, chin, cheeks, eye, eyebrows, etc.);
  • fill the lost volumes and contours of lips, cheeks, and temples;
  • ensure proper facial contouring;
  • restore the volume in the area of the eyebrows.

The solution is applied through injections. It’s important to ensure that the skin surface doesn’t have any traits of cosmetics left before the actual injection of the Dermalax deep plus filler. The surface should be covered with antiseptics.

Thanks to the presence of the Lidocaine local anesthetics, the injection of the solution should be painless. Also, this contributes to a shorter time of the procedure. After the injection, a specialist should perform a slight massage to ensure a stable effect and proper distribution of the solution.

The first effects of hyaluronic acid will be visible right after the very first session as it will start to gather water molecules, which will increase the hydration of the tissue and make it more elastic.

Before treatment, it’s important to ensure that the patient doesn’t have any contraindications to the components of the solution.