In Studio. Enjoy your sessions in our state of the art luxury studios, complete with a variety of fitness tools to challenge you, including TRX, treadmill, Pilates reformer/box, posture bars, and more. Our trainers cater the sessions to your specific needs, and do the full session alongside you to keep you motivated and inspired!


    In Home. For your convenience, we are more than happy to send one of our trainers to you for an in-home session. In order to prepare accordingly, we just need to know what the space is like (open space, gym, mirrors, etc.), what equipment you have access to, and if you have an iPod dock or speaker that our trainer can use!




    Semi-private. Interested in a private dance class with a group of your friends? We also offer semi-private training sessions for 2-5 people! Similar to a private training session, the trainer caters the session to the goals of the group and does the entire session alongside you. Whether you want to dance it out with our signature Happy Hour class or focus on strength and toning, our trainers provide an energizing, sweaty, and personalized semi-private class to meet your needs!


    Private Event Classes. Available for groups larger than 5! From bachelorette parties to sweatworking events, work out under the disco ball for the real AKT experience.

  • AKToGo



    AKTour. Take an AKTrainer offsite for training purposes over a given period of time. Keep up the momentum of your privates despite a work trip, or enjoy AKT on vacation with AKTour.


    Travel Videos. Bring a DVD or stream a pre-recorded private training session with a trainer every 2 weeks so you can keep up to speed with your workouts on the road!


    Skype Sessions. Train remotely over Skype or Facetime! Our trainer will join you at a designated time, live from the studio and run your session as if you are right there next to each other!