15 Must-Know Tips For How To Get In Shape In 2017

If your New Year’s Resolution is about getting in shape, there are some things you should know.

If you’re one of the (many, many) people who Googled “how to get in shape” during the first week of January this year, first of all, you likely know that you’re not alone. And second, take a minute to think about how many years in a row you’ve actually searched for that exact phrase, or something at least pretty close to it. New Year’s Resolutions… shudder. If we can quote Taylor Swift for a moment, they’re kind of like a “nightmare dressed like a daydream.” That’s because we set them when enthusiasm, motivation, and excitement levels are at an all-time high. But after a few weeks of genuinely hard work, those goals that were once so clear and obvious become a bit less so. In other words, life gets in the way. Until the next January, when (if you’re like, oh, most people) you make the same resolutions all over again. And cue the cycle. Maybe the better term to Google wasn’t “how to get in shape” but “how to make fitness a regular and sustainable part of my life.”

So let’s look at it from that perspective. If you’re interested in become fitter, healthier, stronger, or in better shape (whatever that means to you) in 2017, let’s assume that you don’t want to have to do it all over again next year. And in that case, there are definitely things you can do to turn your short-term changes into genuinely long-term sustainable lifestyle adjustments. We reached out to top trainers across the industry, as well as mined our own fitness and health stories, looking for the best tips for how to get in shape—and stay there. (It’s important to note here that “getting in shape” is a pretty amorphous term and the goal may or may not include a weight loss element. If that’s the case, it’s crucial to understand that in order to lose weight you have to look at your lifestyle holistically; in addition to physical activity it requires healthy eating, quality sleep, stress management, and possibly attention to factors that may be out of your control, like health issues and hormones. For anyone who has a history of disordered eating, even if you’re in recovery, you should speak with a doctor before you pursue any weight loss goal, including a new exercise routine.)

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