AKT 101

I’ve never tried AKT before, what class do you recommend?

We have a wide range of class offerings to challenge you. For dance based classes, start with Tease, which will introduce you to our style, vocabulary and choreography that is used in our signature Happy Hour class. If you like HIIT, try Sweat Dream. For barre/Pilates, start with AKTone. And for circuit and bootcamp fans, 4Play is the class for you. Class structure stays the same, while content changes every 2-3 weeks to keep your body guessing so you never plateau and never get bored!

How can I find the class schedule/program that is best for me?

AKT offers Trainer Concierge service so you can sit down with a trainer, discuss your goals, medical history and availability, then set a program to get results! For appointments contact info@aktinmotion.com

Are the rooms heated?

To keep your muscles warm during the strength intervals, our rooms are kept slightly warmer than room temperature (approx. 74degrees).

What should I wear/bring to my first class?

Please make sure to arrive 15 min early if it’s your first time to AKT so that we have time to give you a tour and introduce you to the instructor. Be prepared to move and to get a great sweat! Light weight, sweat-wicking fabrics are best. We have towels in each studio, a full locker room, complementary filtered or infused water and a retail area with clothing and food and beverages for sale.

I heard shoes are important. What type should I wear?

Class content will have you jumping and moving in all planes of motion so wear sneakers with a good tread on the bottom (cross trainers with medium support). Avoid running shoes!

How do I get the best results?

Our 8 week Transformation Program offers  the best of everything AKT  has to offer—private one-on-one program design and workouts with an expert trainer, nutrition plan to support your training and goals, unlimited classes, weekly motivational emails, accountability measurements.  AKT recommends you take 3-5 classes per week to feel the benefits of our programs.  Price incentives are extended to committed clients in the form of class packages and memberships.

I’m not a good dancer. What are my options?

Not a dancer? No problem! In addition to our dance based workouts, AKT also offers two high intensity interval classes, SweatDream and 4Play (perfect for the non-dancers) as well as our NON-IMPACT, full body burn workout, AKTone.

Remember, our dance-based cardio content goes for two weeks so you can master the moves before moving onto a completely new series. When registering, ask where we are in our cycle and if you want to try the dance-based cardio classes, but are inhibited by learning choreography, try to book your Happy Hour workout during the first week of a new routine, when the dance is taught at a slower pace.

Do you have classes for men?

Men LOVE AKT! Most popular classes for men are 4Play and Sweat Dream.

I’ve heard that some people like to “double”. What does that mean and do you recommend?

Sure! Doubles are a great way to “step up” the intensity once you are familiar with our workouts. Look for 45 minute “Express classes” when planning back to back (double) classes. The workouts are designed to complement each other. Or, for a maximum burn, schedule doubles (two classes in one day), further apart, like one in the morning and one in the evening.

Can I do AKT when injured?

AKT workouts can be intense. Please get medical clearance before trying to workout. We are happy to match you with a program that will support your recovery.  Our private trainers hold multiple fitness certifications as well as pre/post-natal exercise and corrective exercise that can help you as you rehabilitate.

Can I do AKT while Pregnant?

Yes! With doctor’s approval, many of our clients, even our Founder, do the AKT workouts up until they give birth. Labor and parenting require strength, stamina and energy and training is a great way to prepare yourself for the challenge. We also have private trainers with pre/post-natal certifications that can construct workouts just for you!

My schedule is always changing. Do you sell single classes or have travel options?

Yes. We have single and class packages. We also recommend AKT ON DEMAND, our #noexcuses tool that gives you access to the Best of AKT, wherever you are. Or, AKTour allows you to bring a trainer with you wherever you are & Skype sessions give you one on one attention regardless of where you are.  Just because life happens, doesn’t mean your workouts can’t.

Can I train with Anna?

Anna loves to meet clients who are committed to the AKT Program. Executive Membership and Transformation give you exclusive access to classes and our “Insider’s Guide to AKT” with Anna along with Founder Consultations, which are available for booking on a limited basis.

Anna also hosts 2-3 national and international intensive retreats each year. Check out our retreats page for upcoming intensives.

Our gift to you.

We’re happy to offer your 2 classes for the price of 1, along with 20% off your first class pack, because you’re worth it!

How do I get started?

Get started here. Check out our class schedule. Select the location you would like to attend and hover over class names to see the class description.

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