AKT 101

I’ve never tried AKT before, what class do you recommend?

All of our classes incorporate high intensity intervals, flexibility and strength training to give you a comprehensive full body workout.  Additionally, our class content changes every 2 weeks to keep your body guessing so you never plateau and never get bored!  If you’re interested in our dance-based cardio training, try AKTease, which will introduce you to our style, vocabulary and choreography that is used in our signature Happy Hour class.  If you prefer a non-dance based training, Sweat Dream and 4Play classes combine cardio and strength training in interval (Sweat Dream) or circuit (4Play) formats.  All of our classes are set to upbeat music, and our expert trainers will keep you challenged, sweaty, and having fun at the same time. Click here for a peek at the classes and energy at the studio.

What should I expect from my first class, what should I wear/bring?

Please make sure to arrive 15 min early if it’s your first time to AKT so that we have time to show you around and introduce you to the instructor. Be prepared to move and to get a great sweat! Our studios are kept slightly above room temperature at about 74 degrees, so light weight, sweat-wicking fabrics are best.  Class content will have you jumping and moving in all planes of motion so wear sneakers with a good tread on the bottom (cross trainers with medium support), and make sure to bring plenty of water. We have towels in each studio, a full locker room, complementary filtered or infused water and a retail area with clothing and food and beverages for sale. 

I’m not a good dancer. What are my options?

Not a dancer? No problem! In addition to our dance based workouts, AKT also offers two high intensity interval classes, SweatDream and 4Play, which are (perfect for the non-dancers) out there as well as a NON-IMPACT, full body burn, AKTone. 

Our content goes for two weeks so you can master the moves before moving onto a completely new series. When registering, ask where we are in our cycle and if you want to try the dance-based cardio classes, but are inhibited by learning choreography, try to book your Happy Hour workout during the first week of a new routine, when the dance is taught at a slower pace. 

Our gift to you.

We’re happy to offer your first two classes for $37 ($40 – East Hampton) along with discounted $25 classes during your first month, because you’re worth it!


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