When Anna opened AKT in Fall 2013 on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, she’d already spent years staring into the blank faces of gym members—and knew she wanted to do something different. The result is a fad-free zone dedicated not just to fitness, but to lifestyle: a full-spectrum, amenity-rich, and community-minded mecca for movement, and the place is filling up—fast.

“The two biggest enemies of any fitness routine? Pain and boredom. You can tolerate some pain and boredom, for a little while. But not for long. The only way to sustain true fitness is to feel you’re growing, achieving, and moving toward something bigger.” –Anna Kaiser


While any number of factors drive people through the doors of AKT (weight loss being chief among them), there’s one reason why they come back: Because being there feels good. The AKT approach will change the way you feel in body, mind, and spirit—and ultimately determine what your life feels like. Is there any better reason than that?

TREND AND TORTURE-FREE. A little burn feels great, if it’s productive. But a masochistic approach to fitness is hardly self-sustaining. AKT draws on a range of proven methods to expand your limits, strengthen your body, and improve flexibility and balance with a focused, scaled, and fun approach to movement.

NEVER BORING (AND NO PLATEAUS!) AKT classes are designed to progress, change, and evolve over the course of each week so that just like stepping into a river, you never walk into the same class twice.

NO INTIMIDATION. If you like getting hollered at, then there are plenty of places for you—but this one probably isn’t it. While AKT’s teachers are professional dancers, you’re not expected to have any prior experience—or even coordination!—to enjoy and excel at AKT. Move at your own pace while being challenged, not demeaned.

NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. You can pay-as-you-go, but we encourage you to join for the optimal AKT experience, and also, because we’re all about community and would love you to be part of ours. The more you come, the faster you’ll see results—and the better you’ll feel.

NO GREEN INSTRUCTORS. You can rest assured that your class will not be led by an instructor who just got certified last weekend. Anna prides herself on her hand-picked, highly trained staff of teachers, every last one of whom is a seasoned performer and skilled trainer. So not only do they put on a great show, they know how to assess and guide you for maximum safety and optimal results.

The AKT Teacher Certification is one of the most rigorous, comprehensive and selective programs in the fitness industry. AKT trainers are certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with an educational background in anatomy and kinesiology and a minimum of five years spent as a professional dancer. AKT teachers include conditioning specialists with expertise in pre/postnatal fitness, Pilates, TRX, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), injury prevention, yoga and more. Motivated by their student’s progress, AKT teachers spend out-of-class time researching anatomical and nutritional solutions tailored to their client’s concerns, and choreographing new methods in order to provide results-driven strategies that are entertaining, safe, and incredibly effective.


Each class runs either 60 or 75 minutes, and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements, from yoga and dance to strength training and plyometrics. The beginner level involves more repetition and familiar movements, and as you progress, you expand your movement vocabulary, building more complex choreography into your repertoire. This way you continue to keep your mind sharp and engaged, your heart rate up, and your body poised to explore and expand your full range of movement.